After proving the success of its business model in western markets, Phoenix Games has its eyes on the east. Phoenix Games has established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, to act as the Chinese first-party publishing arm of Phoenix Games.

Phoenix Information Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. already employs a small team of publishing professionals and is primed to grow even further. Phoenix Shanghai has created a strong and trusted relationship with local developers who will provide cultural regionalization of Phoenix’s portfolio of games and help attain publishing licenses in China.

Phoenix’s ability to secure required licenses and work with local distributors will unlock over 30% of the global games market, which remains out of reach for most western developers. This massive increase in the addressable audience will further enhance the value of Phoenix Games’ Uplift suite to prospective studios.

Klaas Kersting, Founder of Phoenix Games, said: “The Chinese Market is one of the largest game markets globally but has historically proved too difficult for western companies to enter. It made so much sense for us to establish our foothold in China to add more value to our growing number of studios and games.”