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Sixteen Tons Entertainment are absolute stalwarts of the gaming industry. Founded all the way back in 1993, Sixteen Tons Entertainment / Promotion Software has been leading the charge for the European games industry since day one.

Best known for the hit EMERGENCY franchise, the studio has crafted games for PC, smartphones, as well as handheld consoles. The first mobile free-to-play iteration of the EMERGENCY franchise, EMERGENCY HQ, was released in 2008 and got six million installs in the first year alone.

Created by founder Ralph Stock back in 1998, the EMERGENCY franchise has gone from strength to strength and has benefited greatly from the Phoenix Games Uplift service, to find out how see the case study below.


Case Study

The first step in our approach to helping maximize Sixteen Tons’ potential was to apply our User Acquisition algorithm. This resulted in a 63% increase in Return On Ad Spend. Phoenix Games’ second Uplift product for Sixteen Tons saw machine-learning being used to improve ad monetization. This combined approach led to a +87% increase in ad Average Revenue Per Daily Active User.


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