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Well Played Games is a compact, yet experienced studio based in Leamington Spa UK. Founded in 2017, Well Played Games’ founders have decades of experience developing successful multi-platform games from an impressive array of third-party IPs. These include massive global brands like The Simpsons, the NFL, as well as Angry Birds.

This streamlined team is also more than capable of developing their own brands, and are responsible for creating Skysaga, Financial Football, and UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure.

Well Played Games also developed the fantastic Warhammer: Combat Cards together with Games Workshop. Phoenix Games acquired Well Played Games in 2019, just in time to help with the launch of this stellar title. To find out how we helped Warhammer: Combat Cards reach its full potential, read more.

When Phoenix Games first acquired Well Played Games, the mission was clear, to prove they could improve the profitability of a studio acquired at market value. After the release of Warhammer: Combat Cards we could confidently say “Mission Accomplished”!

Warhammer Combat Cards main

The Phoenix Games machine learning user acquisition algorithm went into action, delivering more than a 300% return on ad spend, making it the most profitable Warhammer 40K mobile game on the market to date.


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