Founders Unleashed

We love games. We play them all the time, and we’re hugely inspired by the people that are making games too. But being passionate isn’t always enough for game makers to overcome some of the biggest challenges in the fiercely competitive market

With the rising costs of game development putting extreme pressure on small-to-midsize developers and threatening their very existence, alongside a maturing market space, a staggering 95% of all developed games never make any profit. This means that some of the greatest games ever made never realise their full potential due to invisible barriers.

We are driven by a purpose of helping entrepreneurs unleash their true potential, unlocking the value of their games in order to make a huge impact on day one. Our experienced and talented team work closely with studios, big and small, to form a mutually beneficial relationship, providing knowhow, talent and resources that allow them to overcome even the biggest industry barriers.

Delivering Shared Value

Our proven approach delivers shared value, while empowering studios to retain their all-important autonomy.

By unleashing their full potential and safeguarding their autonomy, the entrepreneurs and studios we work with stay firmly in the driving seat, where they’re much better suited than we are to making the best decisions for their games and players.

Our Founders

Klaas Kersting, CEO

Klaas Kersting is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and offers a wealth of industry knowledge to young studios looking to make their mark in the world of gaming. With experience founding successful games companies such as Gameforge and Flaregames, alongside board member positions with Supercell and Wooga.

Todd English, COO

Todd English has international experience in the games industry as a CEO, Founder and Studio Director, with previous roles at Flaregames, Electronic Arts and PopCap. He has successfully rehabilitated five studios into EBITDA profitable game franchise businesses, alongside creating and operating several games that reached more than 300million players and generated over 300million in revenue.

Norman Pretzl, CFO

Norman Pretzl has a rich career in corporate finance, M&A and HR, with experience across multiple sectors, including the games industry, and boasts more than 40 executed transactions. Alongside his financial experience, Norman also co-founded and built the fast-casual sushi restaurant chain, Wasabi Sushi Co.

Justin Stolzenberg, CMO

Justin Stolzenberg has helped multiple companies survive and thrive throughout major market disruptions, and has built multiple free-to-play publishing operations from scratch. He takes a hands-on approach when it comes to data-driven marketing and monetisation campaigns for browser and mobile games.

Our Studios