Founders Unleashed

Here at Phoenix Games, we love what we do. Gaming is our passion and we work tirelessly to ensure our industry knowledge matches our passion. We aren’t the only ones though, and we’re hugely inspired by all the craftspeople making games. However, being passionate isn’t always enough to overcome some of the biggest challenges in this fiercely competitive market.

Small-to-midsize developers are facing a constant increase in operating costs. This cost burden threatens their very existence. Combined with a maturing market space, an astonishing 95% of all developed games never reach their full potential and turn a profit. This means that some of the greatest games ever made never reach the audience they deserve due to imperceptible barriers.

We are driven by a single purpose, to help entrepreneurs unleash their true potential. We release the untapped value of our acquired studios, changing their economics from day one to vastly improve the profitability of their output. Our experienced and dedicated team works closely with studios of all sizes, accompanying founders on their journey to success. We provide the know-how, talent, and resources that allow them to not only overcome the biggest industry barriers but to excel.

Delivering Shared Value

Our proven approach delivers shared value while ensuring studios retain the all-important autonomy required to create successful games.

The immediate profitability increase of any acquired Studio removes substantial risk and enables doubling down on creating the best possible game experience. This allows the entrepreneurs and studios we work with to stay firmly in the driver’s seat, instead of getting bogged down by minutiae. The Phoenix Games approach protects and supports developers’ ability to make the best decisions for their games and players.

Our Founders

Klaas Kersting, CEO

Klaas Kersting is an industry veteran with an invaluable treasure trove of experience to share with Phoenix Games’ studios. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Klaas also knows how to identify a studio with real potential. He has founded his own successful games companies, namely Gameforge and Flaregames. Having held board member positions with Supercell and Wooga, he is expertly placed to support studios on their path to success.

Todd English, COO

Todd English has international experience in the games industry as a CEO, Founder and Studio Director, with previous roles at Flaregames, Electronic Arts and PopCap. He has successfully rehabilitated five studios into EBITDA profitable game franchise businesses, alongside creating and operating several games that reached more than 300million players and generated over 300million in revenue.

Norman Pretzl, CFO

Norman Pretzl’s broad and successful career in corporate finance makes him an excellent resource at Phoenix Games. He has worked in Mergers & Acquisitions, as well as HR across multiple sectors, including the games industry. Norman has completed over 40 successful transactions during his career, and uses this experience to help keep the process smooth and simple for all parties. His success isn’t just limited to corporate finance, however. Norman also co-founded and built the fast-casual sushi restaurant chain, Wasabi Sushi Co.

Justin Stolzenberg, CMO

Justin Stolzenberg has helped multiple companies survive and thrive throughout major market disruptions, and has built multiple free-to-play publishing operations from scratch. Justin works personally with studios to craft bespoke, data-driven marketing and monetization campaigns for their games.

Our Studios