SmileyGamer, founded in 2016 by Jochen De Schepper, is a mobile games publisher based in Belgium that found their sweetspot with a strong focus on seasonal-themed match-3 games.

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10 Million Downloads

Best known for its popular Christmas Sweeper franchise, Smileygamer was acquired by Phoenix Games in 2020 to help grow and increase its footprint.

Phoenix Games saw SmileyGamer performing exceptionally well in the industry, having hit 10million downloads as a result of successfully finding its niche in the incredibly competitive match-3 genre, but identified substantial uplift potential with its seasonal evergreen titles.


Doubled ROAS

Following acquisition in October 2020, Phoenix Games implemented a plan to improve user acquisition, ad monetisation and live operations, resulting in the studio doubling its return on ad spend within a few short months, alongside a 50% increase in overall ad revenue.

Phoenix Games will continue working with SmileyGamer on its upcoming seasonal-themes games to improve live operations quality.

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