As Phoenix Games’ very first acquisition, it was important that we showed the world what we were capable of through Well Played Games. Straight off the bat, the first thing we did was to take the lead in renegotiating the licensing deal Well Played Games had with Games Workshop, the creators and owners of Warhammer. Following this, we deployed our Uplift products to amplify the game’s impact on launch.

Thanks in part to Phoenix Games’ user acquisition Uplift and additional live ops capabilities, Well Played Games has enjoyed a 300% increase in revenue. Well Played Games was also able to double the size of its team to handle all the new projects, going from 12 people to 25.

Richard McClaughry, Co-Founder of Well Played Games, said: “The support of Phoenix Games has been instrumental in our success. Being able to develop a game like Warhammer: Combat Cards and make it an ongoing success has been a dream come true, and we’re excited to be able to bring even bigger and better games to mobile players in the future.”