Sixteen Tons attained success with their fantastic EMERGENCY franchise, but their evergreen title EMERGENCY HQ had a lot of untapped potential.

We got straight to work applying our machine learning algorithms to all areas of EMERGENCY HQ, from UA acquisition to ad monetization. It wasn’t long before we started to see the fruits of our labor. Thanks to Phoenix Games’ Uplift products, Sixteen Tons is more profitable than it has ever been in almost 30 years!

Year-on-year revenue grew by 42% for EMERGENCY HQ after our UA and ad monetization improvements, and the studio also enjoyed a year-on-year increase in game contribution of over 125%. As a result of this boost in profitability, Sixteen Tons has been able to invest in future titles for the EMERGENCY franchise as well as upgrade their overall live-ops capabilities.

Sixteen Tons’ CEO Ralph Stock summed up the impact of Phoenix Games’ Uplift support best, saying: “Having spent almost 30 years growing Sixteen Tons entertainment, it was challenging to put my trust in someone else to help it grow, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. By joining Phoenix Games, we’ve been able to make the EMERGENCY experience even better for our players, and we can’t wait to bring them the next iteration.”