Based in Leamington Spa (UK), this studio impressed greatly with their award-winning action RPG Knighthood. The title gained over five million downloads since launch, but had experienced more than a 50% decline in net revenue in the six months leading up to Phoenix Games’ minority acquisition.

After integration in the Phoenix Platform, our user acquisition algorithm turned the decline around immediately. Once revenue started to climb again, we enacted a series of data-driven product improvements aimed at delivering the most from this award-winning game. Together with the amazing Midoki team we managed to profitably and sustainably increase Knighthood revenue by more than 300%.

Jonathan Webb, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Midoki, said: “The support and knowledge that we’ve received from Phoenix Games so far has been invaluable in helping us grow both Knighthood, and as a studio. With the evident success we’ve had working with Phoenix Games over such a short period of time already, we’re excited to move into a new chapter in Midoki’s history.”